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Feeling a bit overwhelmed? And it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. I just returned from
Red River, New Mexico, where a few of my Jodi Thomas Pioneers met up for our annual get together. It was so excellent.

Deer meandering through the back yard. Potluck lunches and dinners. These little getaways are truly enlightening,Red River empowering, and energizing. I drove ten hours on Sunday, rushed in the house, unloaded the car, took back the rental car—running down our really long (bowling alley) hallway, I mumbled (there was no one about to hear) “Next stop? San Francisco.”

Yep, I’m going to San Francisco Thanksgiving night. My flight coincides with the Dallas Cowboy’s annual Turkey-day kickoff. Right about three o’clock. (I didn’t plan that out so well).

Pensacola w/Amanda McCabe

Pensacola w/Amanda McCabe

I’ve been running so much, so fast—I can hardly catch my breath.  Will I stop? I suppose if I were dead I’d have no option.

But do I like it? YES! The busier I am, the more I seem to get done.

For example in the past year, I completed:

One historical 75k word manuscript

Lies that Bind

Lies That Bind

One contemporary set to release the end of this month.


Halloween Anthology

Participated in 4 Wildokies Holiday Anthologies (next up, Halloween, first post October 27.)






Traveled to: NYC last Christmas; Norman twice (that might not count, but they were conferences); Atlanta; Pensacola; Eureka Springs, back to NYC in September; and Red River.

Thunder BB

Thunder BB

Attended 37 NBA Thunder Basketball home games

Attended 13 Broadway plays (I’ll refrain from listing them)

The Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon

Attended 11 OkRWA meetings

Revamped my entire website/blog

Survived one horrendous spider bite.

Spider bite

Spider bite–Lovely, huh!

Hmm. Wonder what else I can fit in? Can anyone help me out? Bored? Maybe I can help you out?