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How do they do it?

Hi and I’m happy to see you here!

In all the years I’ve been writing one thing has not changed about how I write. I can’t write if I’m reading anything by someone else. Nope.

I’ve heard other writers say they can’t read in their genre while writing something new. Others don’t seem bothered by reading any genre, their own, or not while writing. I however just can’t seem to focus on my writing, my characters, my plot lines if I read anything at all.

I get too absorbed in what I read, I guess. I can add a few sentences here and there, but find it dang near impossible to immerse myself in my own work while someone else’s words are ringing in my head. Especially if I happen to be reading a great story. 🙂

Right now I’m reading a book for a friend, in preparation for her interview later this week on my blog.

I don’t want to write.

I want to read!

And speaking of reading, I find it hard to read more than one book at a time.

I have friends who may have two or three books going simultaneously. I’ve had to do that when I book myself up to read a stack of books by a certain dates. This tends to happen between edits for my authors when I try to cram all those good books I’ve had to put aside for work before a new round of edits come back. I don’t enjoy it at all, though I usually love the books themselves. I’d rather get wrapped up in one story, one set of characters until I reach the end. Then, give me a new book and I’ll jump in.

Even as an editor I find myself trying to focus on just one submission at a time—which is impossible when I have two or more authors awaiting edits at the same time.

The good thing for me with the Scrimshaw Doll series is I know I can take my time and catch up between releases because they space so nicely and each one is a stand-alone book. I admit I have a couple I need to catch up on and I will and it doesn’t matter which one I get to first.

How about you? How do you write?

If you’re a reader, how many can you wallow in at once? How many of the doll books have you managed to wade through? At one time?

Have you read Home? Want to? It’s just .99 on Amazon. 😀

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