Like the twins in Skinbound, the characters in my upcoming release, Fading Rose, are sharing the curse of the scrimshaw doll. When Jim Tanner finds the doll, and asks antique toy store owner Aubrey to sell it for him on consignment, our dear Rosa becomes a little confused. Who does the curse follow? Jim or Aubrey?
Well… since Aubrey has less than a year to live, and Jim has a possessive, lying girlfriend, there’s enough bad luck to go around.
That’s the funny thing about bad luck. We share it. When someone loses their job or becomes ill, that’s shared with the whole family.
When we have good luck, don’t we all rush to the telephone, log into facebook, or start sending out the emails to share our news with everyone?
In the long run we’re all in it together. Shouldn’t that inspire us to bring as much good luck and happiness into our lives, and the lives of others, as we can?