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In my Tales of the Scrimshaw Doll story, Thicker than Water, my heroine returns to her home town to attend a friend’s funeral. The sheriff of the town is her old flame. They run into one another and are thrown together by circumstances that arise (mainly murder – one of my favorite circumstances – fictional circumstances, that is), and realize that, although years and miles and conflict separated them, they never got over one another.


Reuniting with someone from your past and falling in love makes for good reading. (I use this plot thread often in short stories and novellas, because it’s difficult to have two people meet and fall madly in love in 10 or 20,000 words) There are also a lot of wonderful movies that follow this theme. A few of my favorites are Something Borrowed, The Notebook, Life As We Know It, and Sweet Home Alabama.

But is hooking up with a past love all it’s cracked up to be in real life?

I’ve never had that experience personally (for me, once something is over, it is SO over ;)). However, I know of a few relationships where that very thing happened.

My sister dated this guy in her younger days, but he worked out of state, and they lost touch. She married someone else. He married someone else. Occasionally, he would call our mother to check in and see how my sister was doing. On one of those calls, he learned that she was divorced. He was also divorced, and they started seeing one another again. They have now been married for 22 years and have a son together.

One of my friend’s parents divorced when we were teens. They were apart for 20 years and married other people (actually, each of them married a few other people), then they ended up re-marrying one another and are still married to this day. What was really odd is that their marriage wasn’t that great in the early days, but apparently, it’s wonderful now. Go figure, right?

What about you? Do you have a story of reuniting with someone from your past? Did it work out, or was it a disaster?

What are your favorite books or movies that use this theme?