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What is obsession? In my novella, Trail of Hope, my heroine Sophia Deveraux is stalked and traumatized by an obsessed soldier.

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The word ‘obsession’ automatically makes me think of the 1987 movie Fatal Attraction. Michael Douglas’ character has a weekend fling with a co-worker played by Glenn Close. Fatal AttractionIn her troubled mind, the affair was a declaration of love and her actions quickly escalate from stalking Douglas and his family to kidnapping his daughter and threatening his wife.

Obsession defined is a person’s inability to stop thinking about (or acting out on) a particular feeling, topic, or emotion without a high amount of anxiety. In my story, Major Todd’s behavior escalates from thinking about her to killing her family and forcing her on the deadly Trail of Tears.

In my humble opinion, a small amount of obsessing and the compulsion to do something about it is a good thing. Think of all the dirty dishes, unscrubbed toilets, and de-clutter-mind-map-paul-foremangarbage bags that would never be taken care of. I think I just gave myself away. I have to have a neat house. If I know there are dirty dishes in the sink, I won’t go to bed until the entire kitchen is cleaned. Everything has a place and if they’re not there, I go out of my way to make sure they’re returned. Is this a sickness? Maybe to some. Does it keep my already hectic life moving forward? You betcha. In my mind, if everything is always cleaned and put up, they rest of my life will get that way too. (I hope)

An obsessive personality, unfortunately, isn’t something that can be handled or fixed without professional help. According to the National Institutes of Health, approximately   About 2.2 million American adults aged 18 and older suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder in any given year. How much do you know about this mental disorder? Do you know anyone who suffers from obsessive tendencies?

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