Rosa: “Hello, Danielle. Remember me?”

Dani: “Rosa! My beautiful doll.”

Rosa: Snickers. “Your daughter doesn’t think I’m beautiful.”

Dani: Sighs. “My Daira, she’s always been so serious. Except when she dated Rory back in high school. She was so in love. She was devastated when they split up.”

Rosa: “If she was so happy, why did they split up?”

Dani:  “He was young, he wanted adventure.”

Rosa:  “So he joined the marines.”

Dani: “How did you know that?”

Rosa:  “He’s back in town.” Snickers again. “I do love a man in uniform—or out of it!”

Dani:  “Rosa! You’re a doll. What would you know about a man out of uniform?”

Rosa: Laughs. “Oh, I’ve seen a few.”

Dani: Touches the rope burns around her neck. “I always thought Rory was the right one for Daira. Does she know he’s back in town?”

Rosa: “Oh, she knows.”

Dani:  Leaning forward eagerly. “Are they back together?”

Rosa: Sighs. “Your daughter knows how to hold a grudge. Do you know she blames me for your death?”

Dani:  Hangs her head. “You mean my suicide.”

Rosa:  Shakes her head. “Why did you do it? There was someone out there for you.”

Dani:  “I’ve always been unlucky in love. Three failed marriages.”

Rosa: “If you had just waited a little longer. I had to get your most recent mistake out of your life first.”

Dani:  “Kill him, you mean.”

Rosa:  “You understand how the curse works. Whoever betrays you, betrays me. I can’t let that go unpunished.”

Dani: “You’re not going to kill Rory, are you?

Rosa:  “That depends entirely on Rory. He’s a threat to her heart ,but there’s another threat out there.”

Dani:  “What?”

Rosa: “Daira might not want me, but someone else does. And they’re willing to kill. Again.”

Discover Daira and Rory’s story in The Bone Bride