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Suspense! No? Yes it is, and I’ll prove it. No matter what genre you think is your favorite, the reason you read it is for the suspense. All of the following novels are, at the heart, suspense:

Hunger Games…Will Katniss survive the Hunger Game where the only way to escape with your life is to win?

Gone with the Wind…Will Scarlett overcome the horrors of war? Will Rhett win her love?

Twilight…Will Bella choose Edward or Jacob?

50 Shades of Grey…Will non-descript college student Anastasia be the woman to win the heart of too-gorgeous-to-be-real billionaire Christian Grey?

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone…Will orphan Harry Potter heed the call of his wizard destiny?

See. I told you. In all of these successful books, the suspense is what keeps readers turning pages.

I am a full blown, out of the closet suspense fan. I love mystery, thrillers, horror, paranormal, and all kinds of suspense. That’s what I love to read and what I love to write.

What kind of suspense do you like to read in a story? A secret waiting to be revealed? An insurmountable challenge you’re dying for the character to rise above? An impossible love you’re waiting for them to overcome at all odds? Or something more sinister?


My contribution to the Tale of the Scrimshaw Doll series is a romantic suspense, Thicker than Water:


Sometimes, secrets refuse to stay buried…

A ten-year-old accidental killing and an ancient cursed doll are only part of Julia Bennett’s problems. When she returns to her hometown of Covington, Oklahoma for an old friend’s funeral, she’s thrust into the middle of a murder case—and discovers she never stopped loving her high school sweetheart.

Jake Devlin is now the sheriff of Covington and faced with solving a murder. He isn’t surprised to find Julia in the middle of things. She still seems like the troublemaker whose reckless mistake caused a man’s death years ago—and who broke his heart when she left him without so much as a goodbye.

Jake makes it clear he’s over her, and Julia can’t wait to leave Covington behind. But when another friend dies, she knows she must stay. Can they put the past behind them and stop a killer before he claims another victim?

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