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Today our Scrimshaw Doll, Rosa, is having a question and answer session with Mason Jordan, Tessa’s big brother, and Chief of Police in Duncan, Oklahoma. She’s curious to know a little bit more about him, since he remained in the background during Tessa’s Treasures.

Rosa: So, Chief Jordan, I understand you carry around quite a bit of guilt about your sister being so abused by her ex-husband, and you didn’t pick up on it.

Mason: Wow. You sure don’t pull any punches, little lady. Yes, I do feel very guilty about that. Now, not to make excuses, but by way of explanation, she did live quite a distance from me, so I didn’t see her on a regular basis.

Rosa: Holidays? Family reunions?

Mason: She refused to come most times, and every time I wanted to visit her, she had an excuse why it wasn’t a good time. And as Chief of Police and with a house full of kids, I let it all slip by. Something I’ll never forgive myself for.

Rosa: (She pats his hand). I understand. (deep sigh) But on a happier note, your best friend, Lucas, brought peace and happiness into Tessa’s life.

Mason: (Grins). Yeah. That was a huge surprise to me. Well, maybe not. I knew when we were teenagers he had a thing for Tessa, but she was too young for him, (frowns), and I would’ve beat the you-know-what out of him if he laid a hand on her.

Rosa: (breathless) Oh my. Typical protective big brother. I always like a strong, caring, you know…(bats eyelashes)

Mason: Yes. But now they’re together and it’s the best thing that could have happened to both of them. Does my heart good to see them together. They both deserve it after what they went through.

Rosa: Well, I won’t ask you to elaborate on that, because we don’t want to spoil the story for readers of Tessa’s Treasures. But tell me one more thing.

Mason: What’s that?

Rosa: Am I really so scary?

Mason: (Throws his head back and laughs). Are you kidding me? You’re just a doll.

Rosa: (She smiles and nods) Yes. Just a doll. (Wink) Hey, you want to go for a drink after this?