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Today we are pleased to welcome Charlie Rogers who brings The Color of Betrayal from an Artists Agent’s point of view, a new release from Wild Rose Press.

Hi, Charlie. Nice hat. Welcome, we’re excited to learn about you and your friends.

Charlie Rogers - 2002

Charlie Rogers – 2002

Tell us a little of The Color of Betrayal:  Malia Kane, my very dear friend, is an artist. Frankly, she has no other skills and is on her last leg, financially speaking.

What did you think the first time you saw Luke: Mmm, delicious, I was actually jealous of my best friend, Malia. While I would never in a million years try to steal Luke away from her, I took a certain delight in his discomfort. He, obviously, had not been around many gay men.  [maniacal chuckle)

What was your second thought? (sighs) That Luke was perfect for her.

Did you think it was love at first sight? I don’t see how it couldn’t be. She is most adorable. When you meet her, you will understand. He’s cute too.

What do you like most about Luke? She gets so lost in her art, that his grounded demeanor will keep her safe, allow her to create.

How would you describe him? As I mentioned before—delicious. She is lovely, with her Hawaiian heritage.

How would Malia describe you? Ah, well… let’s see. She would tell you that I am well-dressed, which I am. That I have red hair and freckles.  True, but I do my best to subdue them. That I’m a perfectionist…given. Flaming…Hmph! And, perhaps, a bit cynical. Not. Though, she would argue to the death on that one, I’m afraid. She’d win, but don’t tell her that!

What made you choose being an agent for art as a profession?  Well,  if you could see her art, that question would not cross your lips.  The way she utilizes light and texture…and she has the most fantastic painting of this cursed doll. I dubbed it Burgandy Blood. She will make me rich someday. Watch and see.

What is your biggest fear? That the love of my life, Joey, is about to desert me.

How do you relax? A lovely glass of J. Lohr, 1992, is the perfect ending after a successful show.

Who is your favorite fictional character and why? Why, me, of course! I’m quite adorable myself.

What is the best piece of advice you ever received? Ha! I don’t take advice—I give it!

To the author, Kathy L Wheeler:  What movies or books have had an impact on your writing? hertz 010I love reading historical romance. I think they greatly impact my characters, though most of my work is contemporary. I think some of the values come are interesting to weave into a modern day take. As far as movies, I love American Dreamer with Jo Beth Williams. She enters the Rebecca Ryan Romance writer contest and wins a trip to Paris. When she gets conked on the head and comes too, she thinks she is Rebecca Ryan!

Tell us a bit about the Curse of the Scrimshaw Doll series.

There are several criteria for the Scrimshaw Doll tales that are required to met. For example, the story has to have an Oklahoma tie, of some sort. The curse, has to be portrayed accurately. That being, where whoever betrays the owner of the doll, something happens to them. It does not have to be life threatening, which in my story, it is not. And, true love breaks the curse.

How did you hear about it? One of our Oklahoma Romance Writers of America (OKRWA) members (she is also my critique and good friend, Ally Robertson) proposed the idea to The Wild Rose Press. And, they apparently loved the idea.  I had not intended to do a story, originally, but after New York’s Nationals last summer, I found I was between projects and thought I would try. It worked!

What influenced your decision to submit to the series? Is The Color of Betrayal your first experience writing for a series? Actually, no. Most of my works are take-offs from other characters in my stories. I have a Cinderella Series of three books I am self-publishing under the name of Kae Elle Wheeler.  And, surprising enough to me, I did a fourth book for the Cinderella Series that is under submission to TWRP as another Scrimshaw Tale due out May 15, 2013.


How long did it take from query to release? I started this story last year in early July.  OKRWA had a plotting workshop at our monthly meeting with Elle James and Delilah Devlin and something clicked.

Charlie was a very good friend of mine in my actual life. Sadly, he died several years ago, and when he popped in my head one afternoon on my way home from work (it was a Wednesday), three days later the story was finished.  I was able to submit my query August 1st, and was offered a contract September 21st. It was very fast. The book is dedicated to him.

Halloween 2002

Halloween 2002

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