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Today we are pleased to welcome Charles Thomas who brings The English Lily from an Instructor’s point of view, scheduled release 5/15/2013 from The Wild Rose Press.


Hello, Charles, Where do you hail from?  Sunderland, England, near the northern border.

What is The English Lily about?  Well, Lady Kay, rather Kendra (as I learned later, she fabricated her name, has suffered a broken heart. Alessandro de Lecce, the man of her dreams married Lady Esmeralda, Cinderella’s fluttering-eyed sister, and she did not cope so well. So she hopped aboard one of her father’s ships bound for the Americas.

What did you think the first time you saw the hero? Frankly, I found him somewhat intimidating. As I understand it, he is a quite well renowned magician who travels the continent.

Did you think it was love at first sight? I fear I didn’t spend much time in Lord Lawrie’s company. He seemed to spend most of his time scowling about. It did occur to me that he harbored some jealously over her apparent friendship with Niccòlo de Lecce.

How did they come to be upon the ship in the first place? I believe Lady Ka—Kendra was running away.  She is a very precise young woman, and perhaps very stubborn. But I also sense she is greatly sensitive and strives fervently to hide the fact.scaravel

Have you any knowledge regarding this cursed doll everyone one is whispering about? Not much, I’m afraid. I hear of some magical qualities but nothing solid.

How would Lady Kendra describe you? Ah, well… let’s see. I think she would generously oversell what she would consider my good points. My vocation in life is a teacher, and one of my lifelong pursuits is to open a school for the more poor and less fortunate.  Not many people would tell you this, but Lady Kendra has my utmost respect. Even at the young age of eighteen she has more courage than any young woman I’ve had the privilege to meet.

What made her choose you as a confident?  As I mentioned before, I am a teacher by vocation and she had need of my services. But she is a very private individual and has her secrets.

What is your biggest fear? Not realizing the opening of my school, I suppose.

How do you relax? (chuckles) Believe if you will, but reading, studying Latin. I think those who cannot read are most unfortunate, indeed.

What is the best piece of advice you ever received? ’Tis from my mother who still resides in Sunderland, England. That’s near Gretna Green, you know. She grips my hands and tells me how brilliant I am, and how God has this great plan for me.  She is most persuasive.

To Kae Elle Wheeler:

Tell us a bit about the Curse of the Scrimshaw Doll series.

There are several criteria for the Scrimshaw Doll tales that are required to meet. For example, the story has to have an Oklahoma tie, of some sort. Very difficult when you are writing in the 1790s. The curse, has to be portrayed accurately. That being where, whoever betrays the owner of the doll, something happens to them. It does not have to be life threatening, which in my story, it is not. And, true love breaks the curse.

How did you hear about it? One of our Oklahoma Romance Writers of America (OKRWA) members proposed the idea to The Wild Rose Press. And, they apparently loved the idea.  After my first story The Color of Betrayal, I found Kendra poking at my sleep trying to tell her story.  Alas, I had no choice but to accommodate her.

To learn more about Kae Elle Wheeler and the stories she creates go to:cropped Ice Bar



The English Lily is scheduled for release on May 15, 2013. For the first three books in the Cinderella Series, please check out: http://amzn.to/K32qEf