What’s a doll to do about an ungrateful owner?


If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my long, long life—and don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because I don’t have a pulse, I don’t have a life—I’ve learned that some people are never grateful. Take Daira Gleeson for example.

    Now here’s Daira, she’s thirty-seven, living alone in a little house with her mother’s cat for companionship. Well…I come along and get rid of the loser she’s about to marry. Is she grateful? Of course not. She throws me in the hall closet like an old Barbie doll.

    Two things I should mention about Daira: she blames me for her mother’s death. Don’t ask why. I’m not the one who put the rope around her mother’s neck. And the other thing? Daira never got over Rory Trent, her first love.

    You’d think that when Rory came back to town and made it clear he was still interested, she’d run to him with open arms.

    Not Daira. Stubborn little thing took off in the opposite direction. Seems she was worried about the curse.

    Now hadn’t I already proved myself to her where the curse is concerned? That two-timer she was with before Rory came to town? Let’s just say he won’t be cheating on anyone else.

    Did I mention it’s not a good idea to make me angry? And believe me, nothing makes me angrier than betrayal. Ever since that old gypsy woman tossed out that curse, I’ve made it my business to look after the person to whom I belong. Anyone betraying that person will suffer for it.

    Daira sister, Misti, would have been overjoyed to have me for her scrimshaw collection but Daira wouldn’t chance passing the curse on to her.

    I really hoped Daira would give me to her sister. Not only did Misti think I was beautiful, she could have used my help getting rid of the loser she was dating.

    Passing me on to Misti wouldn’t have erraticated the curse as it applied to Daira, but it would have given me a shot at taking care of that worthless creature Misti was dating, too.

    If ever an entire family needed my help it was that one.

    Sorry to say, but I have a limited amount of space here. If you want to hear the entire story of the cursed women in Daira’s family, and the handsome marine meant to help her break the curse, check out The Bone Bride.

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