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How would you like to spend over four hundred years passed from hand to hand, left on the shelves of antique stores, locked away in attics and stared at by nervous nellies?

It’s not my fault a near sighted gypsy cast a spell on my first mistress, and it landed on me instead. So now I go through time being cursed and loved, depending on who owns me. ::Sigh::

Ah, but the best—perhaps the only—good part of the curse is it can be broken by true love. Consequently, I have been witness to so many happy endings in my lifetime. Unfortunately, once the happy ending is achieved, I’m out the door again—or stuffed into a box.

Tessa Jordan was one of my nervous nellies. I really spooked her! ::Giggle:: It took quite a few ‘accidents’ before she realized I was important to her future. But she finally grew a spine and whacked her ex-husband up the side of the head and admitted her love for Lucas.

Lucas. Now there was a hot one! Loved those tight jeans. What? I can look, ya know. Oh, sorry. (wipes drool).

But after Tessa and Lucas sailed off into the sunset, I was handed off to someone else. Stay tuned for their story…

Love, Rosa

P.S. – So, what do you say? Would you like to be witness to all that love, and not be a part of it?  Bah, humbug.