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As I take you through my adventures through time, you will see I lead quite an adventurous life. I’m Rosa, a cursed doll carved from whalebone. Perhaps you haven’t read about me yet. Try here:  https://talesofthescrimshawdoll.wordpress.com/2012/10/31/did-pirates-play-with-dolls/ and you will be fully up to date.

In any event, my next stop, five years later, followed the blissful nuptials of Prince Charming and Cinderella. (You might not be aware, and ’tis inconceivable to me! But Cinderella and her two evil stepsisters, Ladies Pricilla and Esmeralda became true sisters as well as friends.) But I digress. ’Twas when Lady Esmeralda married the Nobile dei Conti Alessandro de Lecce that I first became aware of Lady Kendra Frazier’s need for protection.

You see, she fancied herself in love with Alessandro. He was heir to his father’s title as Conte. Oh, yes, the man was deliciously attractive, but clearly besotted with his new bride, Esmeralda. I daresay, it was just a shame that Alessandro’s younger brother, Niccòlo, had the bad luck to fall in love with Kendra as well, elst he mightn’t have followed her aboard the Cécile to his own oblivion. Ah, well. Another possible tale, entirely.

Ahem, as I was saying, back to Lady Kendra. . . The poor child was obviously in need of my services. A pathetic young thing, really. She truly is the epitome of an English lily. While quite young, I’m afraid she has a knack for putting off others. I’m certain ’tis partly due to her beauty, but she is also defensive. You see, she has this little problem—

Oh, I best not indulge that, she is a very private person, intelligent in her own right, her papa will tell you. Unfortunately for Kendra, her papa was terrified he would pass from this world unto the next without making provision for his lovely daughter, so he spread the word (paid, actually) for the return of his runaway child—on the stipulation they bring her back married.

Well! As you can see I had no choice but to protect her from riff raff sailing the high seas; or callous cutthroats and ruthless fortune hunters. Why, the perils she was vulnerable to were numerous! And only I knew how sensitive and truly lonely Lady Kendra was beneath that cool veneer she presented to the world at large.

So however Lady Kendra believes I came into her life is immaterial to me. She was desperate for my interference. And, suffice to say, I performed admirably, if I must say so myself.  Hmm, I wonder now if should I see how in need Niccòlo de Lecce is?

The English Lily – does not currently have a release date, but stay tuned (http://kae-elle-wheeler.com). I’ll shall keep you apprised —– Rosa