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One pirate did, when she was a little girl and sailed the wide ocean with her roguish pirate-captain father.  Long before she became a pirate captain herself–

But I’m getting ahead of myself. My name is Rosa and I’m a Scrimshaw Doll. If you don’t know, a Scrimshaw Doll is a doll made of bone. Mayhaps that sounds repelling to some, but I’ll have you know I am very beautiful. And mysterious. There are those who say my dark eyes follow them and others who swear I am warm to touch, that it’s possible I truly live and have magical powers. How could that be?

My creator, Enzo was a gypsy. Once he traveled the high seas and beyond, but when an injury left him unable to sail, he took up carving things from whalebone. He made me to ease his pain and also to comfort his poor little daughter when his wife, and her mother, was viciously murdered. To honor his wife, Rosa, he carved a tiny Rose on my chest.

His now-motherless daughter cherished me and kept me with her always. I was even in bed with her on the eve of her own wedding, when Enzo snuck a gypsy witch into her room to cast a spell upon his daughter. Rumor had it that his murdered wife had been unfaithful, and he wanted to save his daughter from ever suffering betrayal. The gypsy cast the spell before she realized I lay snuggled securely under the blankets with my mistress.

I can still hear the old witch’s gasp, and see the way her golden earrings dangled as she shook her head and whispered the word, “No.”

You see, she was afraid I’d absorbed the spell. And she was right. Anyone who betrayed me would have a terrible fate befall them. In an attempt to undo the damage, she recast the spell and added a caveat that true love would break the curse.

Am I loved? ‘Tis true my first mistress loved me, but alas, illness robbed her of her life before a single gray hair ever grew on her head. She passed me on to her daughter, Gina, now another motherless girl. (You can read a deleted prologue of how Gina inherited me HERE.) Of course, I brought Gina comfort just as I had done for her mother. But did the girl put me aside when she grew into a bold, female pirate captain? You’ll have to read PIRATE’S PROPOSAL to learn the answer.

So tell me, would you want a mysterious, cursed gypsy doll in your bed at night?

Native small town Texan Diana Layne is an award-winning author and an RWA® Golden Heart® finalist. She’s a homeschooling mom of six kids who grew up riding horses and motorcycles, practicing the piano and reading every chance she could. As an only child she kept herself entertained with imaginary playmates and now writes romantic suspense thrillers and historical romances. To learn more about Diana, please check out her website.

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